By drallison
June 08, 2011
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One of my favorite movies this year was Inception and somehow the idea to create an informative dental blog to keep you, my dental patients and soon to be patients, informed about current dental topics was born.  I know you may think to yourself I could Facebook, tweet, or use my smartphone to find out the glorious and gossipy details of celebutant pocket dogs, why would I ever want to follow a blog about my teeth?  Well the answer to that question is more interesting than Paris Hilton’s underpants; you can learn about a way to maintain your oral health and actually become your own advocate towards keeping a healthy smile vs. a dental monarchy.  While I must admit the power or reigning sovereign over the teeth of the world is alluring, I would rather didactically and humorously touch on different dental topics each week to give you a little piece of dental bliss to use wisely and appropriately for the greater good of teeth.  If you have a particular topic you would like me to blog about you can email me at [email protected].  I plan on hitting the obvious topics of bleaching, how we get cavities and how to keep your kids teeth healthy to the topics you are afraid to ask about from the oral manifestations of STD’s in the mouth to bad breath.  Hopefully you are with me so far and are excited to take this dental journey with me because we are definitely going to go a few layers deep!


Let the games begin,

Dr. Allison



Oral hygiene should matter!!
By Maria
June 09, 2011
I agree that we should all be more concerned with oral health than what celebrities are doing! Thank you for starting a blog that is focused on the importance of dental health care!!